Rachel Maddow: 'What Could Be Worse' Than Beck's 'Restoring Courage' Rally In Israel? (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow was not happy with Glenn Beck's announcement that he is holding a rally in Israel this summer--and she made that very clear on her Monday show.

Beck revealed on Monday morning that he is planning on holding a "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem in August to stand against the "force of darkness" and the "gates of hell" that he said were threatening Israel.

Maddow noted that Middle East diplomacy often requires "deliberate calm" and "a light touch." Her reaction to Beck's announcement?

"Oh good!" she said. "Glenn Beck is holding one of his rallies. And this time it's going to be in Israel! And don't worry, Glenn Beck followers. There will be travel deals for you to get yourself physically to Israel to make it convenient for you to bring your subtle nuanced political understanding to a part of the world that really needs you."

Maddow wondered "what could be worse" or "less helpful to the Middle East" than Beck's rally.