Maddow Smacks Boehner Over Flip-Flops: 'You Can't Retroactively Change Your Record' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maddow Smacks Boehner Over Flip-Flops

Rachel Maddow called out House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner on her MSNBC show Tuesday night, playing back-to-back clips of his flip-flops on assigning blame for the Gulf oil spill.

Boehner had initially said that taxpayers should pay for BP's mess. The following week, he backtracked, asserting that BP alone is financially responsible for the spill.

Maddow acknowledged that Boehner has the right to change his mind about the unfolding disaster, but the real kicker, she said, was that Boehner claimed to have held a consistent position from the start.

"You know, you can change your mind," Maddow said. "But you can't retroactively change your record so it looks like you didn't change your mind. OK? OK."


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