Maddow's "Pizza Parable" Demonstrates Futility Of "Bipartisan" Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

Maddow's "Pizza Parable" Demonstrates Futility Of "Bipartisan" Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

Two people agree that the only prescription for their hunger is to order a pizza. But what happens when one of those people doesn't want pepperoni, doesn't want sausage, doesn't want olives, doesn't want cheese, doesn't want crust, doesn't want any of the components essential to making a pizza? Well, if the other person doesn't step up and act pro-actively to get fed, everyone starves. That's the parable that Rachel Maddow and her colleague Kent Jones performed on The Rachel Maddow Show last night, and yes: this is an effective demonstration of the strange relationship that has developed between the pro-reform Democratic Party and their Republican colleagues, who say they want health care reform, but who've made it clear that they won't actually be voting for reform, no matter how awesomely "bipartisan" it is.


It's a pretty good take on the matter. Especially in light of the recent news that the White House is mulling maybe...potentially...regretfully!..."going it alone!" I know! It's so sad! But maybe the White House will just have to content themselves with serving the voters that put them in office and provided them with large Congressional majorities on the premise that they might use some political capital on health care reform!

[via Media Monitor Kelly Caldwell.]

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