Made at the Citadel Lifting Miami Higher

What is MADE at the Citadel?

It is more than a cooperative work space in Miami.

It is thee cooperative work space in Miami.

And they are only twelve months old. Imagine that. Feels longer.

Then again the trend started about a year ago.

A certain address began to appear in my Inbox.

8325 NE 2nd Ave.

No single place in Miami is doing more for OUR culture than 8325 NE 2nd Ave.

Culture. It's addictive. And complex.

Let's pause and examine culture as a layered 4-dimensional specimen.

The first dimension: an event.

We attend the event: music-related, arts-related, film, literary, fashion, food or maybe a community gathering like a festival or a flea market or maybe something educational like a non-profit symposium or seminar. Whatever the cultural event.

Then we appreciate the talent that fills out these cultural events: the filmmakers, artists, musicians, designers, intelligentsia, lawyers, chefs, writers. Whoever.

Then we read about these events or see or hear them covered in broadcast media.

That's only one dimension of culture.

Dimension two: the people who make cultural events happen.

Dimension three: the place where these people work.

And dimension four: the creativity.

And this creativity feels abstract, like God, or the collective conscious. A place where ideas mate and breed. Where muses drink from the same fountain. Where time and space transcend and you slide out the other end creating art or culture.

MADE at the Citadel is the best co-op space in Miami because it covers all four dimensions of culture. There are other co-ops but none are as large or immersive.

You won't find a place in Miami with 5,000 square feet in community work space in addition to over 30 private offices; with unlimited free coffee and tea and sometimes beer; with printing and wi-fi and 24 hour access; with a huge theater and conference room for private or public events; with a rec room, pool table and big kitchen to chill in; all with interns at your disposal plus an army of artists, producers, designers, techies, non-profits, lawyers, accountants and floating members to network with.

Not only is MADE the best, they are also the cheapest.

Not only is MADE the cheapest, they rock the dopest vibe. There's no pretension or awkwardness in the air, like you might see practically everywhere else in Miami.

Instead, most of the members are young, chill, hip, approachable. The place is a little musty or moldy, especially sitting near the books. But the building is old and in Little Haiti and sometimes you want a little funky, especially if you're a start-up.

Funkiness reeks of paying dues.

The key to having fun is being funky.

8325 NE 2nd Ave.

You'll see this address a lot if you pay attention to Miami culture.

8325 NE 2nd Ave.

It's no coincidence that Little Haiti is quickly becoming the hub of Miami culture.

MADE at the Citadel calls the place home.