11 Commonly Used Made-Up Words That Drive Us Insane

When it comes to words, people have all sorts of pet peeves.

There are the common mispronunciations that drive people crazy. (When you say "escape" it is "es-cape" and not "ex-cape.") There also are the language errors -- like confusing "affect" and "effect" -- that put people over the edge. "It makes me nuts when someone says they're going to 'speak to' something when they mean they're going to 'speak about' something," said Huff/Post50 Facebook fan Pam Blodgett.

But probably worse than all that are the words people say every day that aren't really, well, words. There are some words we wouldn't mind seeing added to the dictionary -- like "hushpicious," which describes the suspicion one feels when the house becomes eerily quiet while young children are at home and not sleeping. But there are some we don't want to see or hear anywhere.

Huff/Post50 asked its Facebook fans to name some of the made-up words they're tired of hearing, and we added a few of our own. Here are 11 made-up or misused words that drive us insane. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments.

1) "Uh, supposably!" said Donna Wohltman Kennedy.

2) "When people say axed instead of asked," said Sandi Alatorre.

3) "OMG the word: BLING! I freaking hate that word," said Samantha Hagen-Avery.

4) "Irregardless. Makes me crazy," said Lisa Hindmarsh.

5) "Flustrated." You are flustered or frustrated but not flustrated.

6) "Conversating or conversated. Ugh. Like nails on a blackboard," said Denise Locatelli Kuhlmann.

7) "Detail-orientated -- it's oriented people!" said Vikki Nicometo.

8) "Sherbert." The frozen dessert is actually "sherbet."

9) "BOOM! I hate it," said Ellen LeCain.

10) "Expresso." The word is "espresso."

11) "Participator." The word should be "participant."

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