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Madeleine Kirsh, Vintage Store Owner, Turns Being Deaf Into Greatest Strength

03/24/2014 08:15am ET | Updated March 24, 2014

“My has store developed into this fabulous fantasy world because I always believed in the limitless possibilities of dreaming with my son, Ricky, who was born deaf, and whom I continually told: You can be anything you want to be,” says single mom Madeleine Kirsh. As her leopard kaftan and bright red hair scream, Madeleine is a one-of-a-kind whose experiences of raising her deaf son and confronting her own progressive deafness lead to the decade-spanning Miami vintage store bar none, C. Madeleine’s. “This is my passion,” states the impeccable curator, who can’t go anywhere without being asked about her signature glasses. “I built this store on my heart and passion. The day that goes away is the day I close up shop.”