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Madison Australia Kate Moss Cover Same As Vogue Paris June 2010 Cover (PHOTOS)

While most of us are looking forward to the new year, Madison Australia is taking a look back -- to 2010.

The Australian fashion mag released its January 2012 cover with a splash Kate Moss pic... that first appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris in June/July 2010.

The original pic was shot by Mario Sorrenti, featuring Moss gazing out of the water in a gold bathing suit and awesome orange lips. Madison Australia took the photo, zoomed in and punched up the colors, making the blue water a sparkling turquoise and brightening up Kate's maillot.

Then, of course, it added sassy headlines like "The Importance Of Great Sex... And How To Get It" and, ironically, "The Second Coming Of Kate Moss."

It is her second coming -- in this single Sorrenti photo, at least. But it's not even the first instance of a Kate Moss Cover Redux. Her cover for Marie Claire Australia's November 2011 issue, featuring a Chanel Spring 2011 feathered dress, was the exact same photo that appeared seven months earlier on the May 2011 cover of Vogue Nippon.

Moss isn't the only cover girl who keeps getting second (and third) chances: last month brought us the third version of Carey Mulligan's Vogue cover from October 2010, with French Elle's copycat cover for November 2011.

So what gives? We contacted Madison Australia but are still waiting to hear back. As for the covers, take a look below -- do you prefer Madison Australia's splashy version or the original Vogue Paris shot?