In New Dashcam Video, Madison Cawthorn Seems Surprised Car Is Registered To Dad

A news station gets the second of three dashcam videos of the GOP congressman's traffic stops by the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has released another dashcam video from a traffic stop of Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) when he didn’t have his driver’s license and was speeding, according to the officer on the scene.

Cawthorn was cited in October for driving 89 mph in a 65 mph zone after he was pulled over in Buncombe County, according to Queen City News in Charlotte, North Carolina, which petitioned to obtain the video.

During the stop, Cawthorn said the car was his, then appeared surprised when the officer told him the vehicle was registered to his father.

“It looks like it’s registered to, I guess, your dad,” the officer said after checking.

“Is it really?” Cawthorn can be heard saying.

It was one of three traffic violations Cawthorn racked up in five months, according to law enforcement records.

Queen City News earlier obtained a dashcam video from when Cawthorn was pulled over in Polk County in January. He was cited then for driving 87 mph in a 70 mph zone.

In that dashcam video, Cawthorn can be heard telling the officer: “I’ve got a firearm in the car.”

“Where’s your firearm at?” the officer asks. “OK, just keep it up there.”

Last month in Cleveland County, Cawthorn was pulled over when his car allegedly drifted over the center line. He was charged with a misdemeanor for driving with a revoked license. It’s not yet clear why his license had been revoked.

The unidentified officer in the January video was exceptionally polite, particularly given that Cawthorn was driving a car not registered to him, was driving without a valid license and was speeding. He tells the congressman on the video to be careful when he backs up.

One critic on Twitter described the encounter as “peak white privilege.”

Cawthorn’s House office told the Queen City News last month that the lawmaker expects “the traffic matters to be resolved quickly, and we remain focused on serving [our] constituents.”

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