Madison Cawthorn Cited For Carrying Handgun Through Airport Security — Again

It’s the second time the far-right lawmaker has been accused of trying to bring firearms through airport security.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) was cited on a misdemeanor weapons charge for trying to bring a handgun through a security checkpoint at North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Tuesday, police said.

The gun was a loaded Staccato C2 9 mm semi-automatic, Charlotte ABC affiliate WSOC-TV reported, citing three unnamed sources.

The weapon was found by TSA security screeners in a bag at the checkpoint, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.

“Mr. Cawthorn stated that that the firearm was his and he was cooperative” with the officers, police said in a statement on Twitter.

Police seized the gun and issued Cawthorn a citation on a charge of possessing a dangerous weapon on city property, a misdemeanor violation of city ordinance. The far-right lawmaker was then released, which police said was “normal procedure.”

Cawthorn didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s request for comment.

It’s the second time Carthorn has been caught trying to bring firearms through airport security. In February 2021, he was stopped by security at Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina while trying to board a plane with an unloaded gun and a magazine loaded with ammunition in his carry-on bag.

He said in a statement that it was just a mistake, explaining that he often uses his carry-on bag to carry guns and ammo when he’s not traveling.

Cawthorn’s latest airport encounter adds to a record of newsmaking that has nothing to do with politics.

Last week, Politico published photos of Cawthorn dressed in women’s lingerie. Cawthorn, who touts “traditional” gender values, dismissed the pictures as “goofy vacation photos.”

In March, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol released a video showing Cawthorn surrendering his license in a March 3 traffic stop.

Twitter users had things to say about his latest gun-related dust-up.

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