Madness Reigns On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Pretty much everyone is a suspect in the end-of-season murder now.

Spoilers obviously abound below for Season 2, Episode 4 of "How to Get Away with Murder," "Meet Bonnie."

The most meta joke of this week's episode was when DA Emily Sinclair said the line, "People can't get away with killing each other." And we all know how dead she is by the end of the season.

That, in a nutshell, is how this show feels about playing by the rules. Being the good guy gets you killed, jailed or accused of murder. It officially pays to be on the dark side in this show.

As for the plot of this seriously absurd episode, where to even begin? We kick off by placing Asher and Bonnie at the murder scene, bringing the number of people who could have killed Annalise to our murderous quartet, Nate, the DA and now Bonnie and her boy. 

Back in present day, Bonnie takes the rap for the murderous quartet and really, Annalise, leaving Asher in a quandary -- take a deal to get out of his mysterious Trouter Lake mistake (What did he do?!) and sell out his ex-girlfriend, or get in trouble for his past. His father pushes him to take the deal since he's cut himself a complementary deal, and for a while it looks like he will. Why would he not sell out his ex, who conceivably started their relationship on an alibi, and Annalise, who has never favored him, in order to save himself?

As for the kids, they're freaking out, as they think Asher's figured out their big, murderous secret and the jig is finally up. Wes keeps scurrying about with Levi to figure out where Rebecca's boy is when slightly unhinged Levi pulls out a gun. Wes -- always attracting the crazy.

Laurel and Frank deal with the stress with a hot hookup in the basement (where Rebecca's dead body was, but OK).

Connor deals with the stress by telling Oliver he might go to jail. This is right after Oliver jokes about getting paid by Annalise for breaking the law. Mark our words: That was foreshadowing for Oliver getting thrown in the slammer.

And Michaela deals by figuring out the case. Because she's a badass. She's officially taken over for Laurel as the calm, cool, collected one in a time of crisis -- and it's quite the reversal.

As for Nate, he's not quite buying the tale Annalise is selling about Bonnie killing Sam. Does Annalise really feel like that's handled? That saving Bonnie was enough of an excuse for throwing him that under the bus for murder? Also, Nate sold out Wes so fast for his ex-lover it wasn't even funny.

As for unhinged Levi? Frank set him up with drugs and a suitcase full of money for Wes and the kids to find.

 Levi ends up in jail, sans girlfriend since Michaela found out, and Wes is discredited with his peers since he can't produce Rebecca's body. Michaela can't stand the guy who let her shack up with someone who was using her, while Connor and Laurel can't believe he is dragging them along on wild goose chases.

As a side note, while Wes isn't really that lovable, you've got to feel sorry for the guy. He's never wrong, but he's always just one step behind Annalise/Bonnie/Frank/Rebecca. 

And then, because the suitcase full of money wasn't enough for the episode, Annalise drops the real truth bomb: Bonnie is the way she is because she was sex trafficked by her father, which actually is one of the few reasons all of her behavior could maybe make sense. Not sure how she owes Annalise -- maybe she was the prosecutor that put Bonnie's dad away -- but all the childlike dependence and loyalty rings true now. She needed a mom, a role model, a strong woman to look up to after her shattered start. It's a horrific backstory, but one that does make her past behavior, even with Sam, make sense.

And as for Asher, that reaction to the news makes it look like he won't turn on Bonnie after all, especially after their I love yous.

Which makes the final scene of the episode, where Asher heads to the police station, all the more shocking. Is he going to finally sell out Bonnie?

 Speaking of this final sequence, we find out Bonnie is covered in blood. Assuming that the DA was pushed off the balcony, as her injuries imply, that blood Bonnie was washing off at the end was Annalise's. Could Bonnie have turned against her mentor?

And finally, is Frank the only person not on the mansion murder scene? Probably not; he's most likely in the house somewhere lurking. Because this is "How to Get Away with Murder," where everyone is always guilty of something.

Odds and Ends

  • Bonnie's smarter than that, leaving a bloody top in a gas station -- especially a gas station that appears to have a camera tracking their movements.
  • Frank, after Annalise says men lie and it's all they're good at: "She's right." Nice, Frank, nice.
  • Don't these bartenders at the local bar ever report people who confess to murders to each other at the bar?
  • Drunk, unhinged Connor might be the best, especially when it means he and Oliver get closer.
  • Wes, don't unzip potential murder suitcases with bare hands. Use gloves; come on, man, you know better.
  • Laurel and Frank upped the "HTGAWM" sex scene game this week.
  • Also, Nate took that whole your-wife-tried-to-use-me-to-commit-suicide thing real smoothly.
  • No one on this show had a happy childhood. No one.
  • That time Wes tried to say he had homework to get out of work? Lies. No one on this show has homework. 
  • Michaela and the hot brother have something, although what was that sweater?

"How to Get Away with Murder" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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