Madoff's Motto: "F*ck My Victims" (VIDEO)

The Wall Street Journal passes along this video profile of K.C. White, a fellow inmate of Bernie Madoff's at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina.

When Madoff sat for a portrait with K.C. White -- who sketches in his free time -- he insisted that he not be depicted in his prison uniform. White depicted him in a suit and tie. Madoff, who White says was pleased with the work, signed the portrait -- which the artist is now trying to sell.

According to White, Madoff was less than repentant for defrauding his clients of billions of dollars. "His whole motto was 'F*ck my victims,'" he said. "That's all he would say." And White didn't take to Madoff's "smirk," either: when he looked at his face, White says, what he saw in his expression was: "I got you."

Watch Madoff's former prison friend describe his impressions below: