Madonna Performed A Chill Version Of 'Borderline' On 'Fallon,' And It's Wonderful

Feels like we're going to lose our minds.

When Madonna performed "Borderline" on 2008's Sticky & Sweet Tour, she strapped on an electric guitar and turned the song into a headbanger. On Thursday night, after omitting the 1984 classic from her last two tours' setlists, Madonna appeared on "The Tonight Show" to perform a chilled-down version, with The Roots accompanying her. 

The performance is, simply, wonderful. Madonna sounds fantastic, and she looks happy -- perhaps because she finally accomplished her goal to meet President Barack Obama. (He was the episode's lead guest.) It's a bit inexplicable to see her performing more than a year after her previous album, "Rebel Heart," was released, but hey, it is the president. And after the unnecessary vitriol she received for her Prince tribute on the Billboard Music Awards last month, seeing her nail "Borderline" is a welcome treat. It is one of the songs that made her famous, after all. She even borrows some of the swishy dance moves from the video! 



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