Madonna Dressed Up As A Clown To Sing 'Send In The Clowns'

A little too on the nose.

Pop stars are kind of like clowns, right? They dress up in outrageous outfits, perform for our entertainment and sometimes scare the crap out of us. 

Well, Madonna took the metaphor to heart during her one-off performance in Australia on Thursday, dressing up in a head-to-toe clown outfit. Was it a social commentary? Did she run out of clothes? We may never know.

The last minute show dubbed "Tears of a Clown" showcased the singer's talents at Melbourne's Forum Theatre, a more intimate setting than the stadiums she visits for her Rebel Heart Tour, which wraps up at the end of March. 

During the show, Madonna rode around the stage on a children's tricycle, tried out some stand-up comedy material and favored her deep cuts and covers over crowd favorites, according to The Independent. Luckily, the Queen of Pop documented the evening on her social media accounts, treating Madonna fans to perhaps her most outrageous performance ever. 

Those in attendance also grabbed some footage of the Material Girl in action, cycling around the stage as fans cheered in disbelief. Another video featured Madonna singing "Intervention," which she dedicated to son, Rocco, who is currently the subject of a custody battle between the singer and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. During the number, images of of Rocco were projected on a screen behind her. 

The standout moment, however, was a rendition of the Stephen Sondheim classic "Send in the Clowns" from the musical "A Little Night Music."

Watch her full performance below:



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