Madonna Flashes Nipple: 10 Things More Shocking

We're sorry to say that we found today's news about Madonna purposefully showing her right nipple during a concert more nostalgic than titillating (insert childish snicker).

Remember a time when seeing Madonna naked seemed novel, even shocking? Some of you may not. But those of us who do remember a simpler world, a world where you couldn't sit down to any computer and type "[disgusting thing] peeing on [something adorable]" into Google and find thousands of relevant videos.

We're not sure what Madonna was thinking when she exposed her nipple on Thursday (although if she's awardrobe functionng sexy nursing bras, more power to her); maybe she was just pointing out how non-shocking a nipple, even one of her caliber, is these days. While the incident has received plenty of press, it's been delivered with just about the same level of zeal as the singer put into flashing her audience: "Oh, ho hum, remember these things, whatevs..."

With that in mind, we thought we'd point ten things that are more shocking than Madonna exposing her nipple:

  1. Snooki deciding against attachment parenting

  • Tracy Morgan saying something batshit crazy
  • David Cameron not leaving his 8-year-old in a bar
  • Donald Trump offering up a superlative
  • A Republican lawmaker being caught with a gay hooker
  • George Lucas fucking around with "Star Wars"
  • A hastily-conceived Adam Sandler script
  • Chris Matthews looking a little sloshed on live television
  • An audience walking out of "Prometheus" with more questions than they had when they went in
  • Mitt Romney having trouble relating to regular folk
  • So there you have it. NBD.