Madonna Wants To Turn Frank Ocean Straight, Says She's A Gay Man In Reddit AMA

Madonna Reveals The One 'Gay' Man She Wants To Turn Straight

Madonna stopped by Reddit Monday for her own version of the site's "Ask Me Anything," dubbed "Ask Madonna Almost Anything." The Queen of Pop kept things interesting by talking about equal rights, Frank Ocean and whether she'd be a top or a bottom.

The 55-year-old sat down at her computer after working out and was ready to answer fans' burning questions.

No Q&A with Madonna would be complete without some mention of the gays and sex.

One frisky user asked Madonna if she were a gay man would she be a top or a bottom? The "Girl Gone Wild" singer responded by simply saying, "I am a gay man." The risque star revealed she has a bong in the shape of a penis, and if she could turn any gay man straight it would be Frank Ocean. (For the record, Ocean has never stated that he is not interested in both women and men. Nor has he ever identified his sexuality.)

When asked what the last great drag show she saw was, the superstar said a show happens every night during her "MDNA" concert, in the pit, otherwise known as "The Golden Triangle." Another Redditor wanted to know what gay icon Marlene Dietrich means to her, to which the singer responded, "[S]he is the archetype of an iconic strong female equal [parts] masculine and feminine."

Things got more serious when she was asked to define hate. A user wondered if some confuse a difference of opinion with hatred. But Madonna contested, responding, "[N]o, having a different of opinion is right hate is intolerance hate is discrimination hate is when you think youre [sic] better than someone else."

Another questioner asked if she would ever help the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Africa. Madonna noted that she has already spoken out against the anti-gay laws in Malawi, where same-sex relations are criminalized. She later said that, in order to help world peace, religions and politics should "not get involved with one another" and "separate church and state."

Although she has spoken out against issues like homophobia and sexism, censorship of artists, such as with Russia's Pussy Riot, is currently driving her creative voice.

She hinted that there "might be" a new album in 2014, since her "creative juices are flowing."

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