Watch Madonna Help A Gay Couple Get Engaged At Her Rebel Heart Concert

The Madge-ical moment was captured for posterity.

A Canadian man got a little help from none other than Madonna when he proposed to his boyfriend over the weekend.

A YouTube video of Madonna's Oct. 11 concert in Edmonton, Alberta captured the Madge-ical moment for posterity. After performing "Material Girl," the Queen of Pop paused her Rebel Heart show to instruct a fan named Jan, who was seated in the front row, to pop the question to his boyfriend, Chad, before a sold out crowd of nearly 17,000 spectators.


"I love you with all my heart, Chad," Jan proclaimed into Madonna's microphone. "Will you marry me, please?”

True to form, Madonna still had one trick left up her sleeve.

“You forgot the most important part,” she said, tossing a small bundle of roses at the pair. “You need to catch the bouquet.”

Talk about getting into the groove... and proving your love!

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