Madonna Finds Terrence Howard In The 'Ghosttown' Video's Apocalyptic Rubble

Madonna has been quick to say that "Ghosttown" -- the second single from "Rebel Heart" -- is about the apocalypse, so it makes sense that the video finds the singer awakening to learn that nuclear detonation has wiped out the planet's chandeliers and left her alone with spiders and rats. Everything is ablaze, even the posters that advertise "Rebel Heart" on New York City walls. So Madonna kisses loved ones' photos goodbye and seizes her Stevie Nicks moment, donning a top hat and cape as she saunters through the dilapidated streets. But wait! There's Terrence Howard with a gun! She's not alone anymore. They share a dance over the song's coda, emphasizing that they are "two souls in a ghost town" -- at least until a young boy and a dog show up to wander into the smoky abyss with them. And Madge still has her mouth grill intact through it all.

The clip is directed by Jonas Åkerlund, who also helmed Madonna's "Ray of Light," "Music," "American Life," "Jump" and "Celebration" videos. Following two failed attempts to premiere "Ghosttown" on the app Meerkat, Madonna's team did the sensible thing and released the video on Vevo. Watch below:



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