Madonna Has Hilarious Reaction To Dancer Tripping And Dropping Her On The Floor

The pop icon had a nasty tumble during a performance in Seattle.

Open your heart to the concept of laughing at yourself.

On Sunday, Madonna was dropped on stage during the Seattle stop on her Celebration Tour. According to a video on X, formerly Twitter, the incident occurred when the pop icon was performing her 1986 hit “Open Your Heart” while seated seductively on a chair. After splaying her legs open for a dancer who was pretending to film her, another dancer grabbed the back of her chair and began quickly dragging her across the stage. Unfortunately, the dancer who was pulling her tripped over their very thin stiletto heels, causing both to tumble to the floor.

Madonna performing “Open Your Heart” during The Celebration Tour in October in London.
Madonna performing “Open Your Heart” during The Celebration Tour in October in London.
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Despite the fall — and the suspicious lack of any hiccup in Madonna’s singing during the incident — the “Vogue” singer took the whole thing in stride.

After rolling onto her stomach, Madonna sang a lyric of two before bursting into laughter. She then got up, and continued the choreography, although she appeared to still be a bit stunned. A minute or so later, she acknowledged how embarrassing the whole fiasco was by putting her hand on her forehead and bowed her head in exaggerated shame.

Online, fans praised Madonna’s cool response.

“It’s how she DID NOT MISS A BEAT 😭 What a pro. What a queen,” one user said.

“That laugh was everything!” another user chimed in.

“This is a very endearing video,” a third user said, “glad she laughed it off. The sheer horror the dancer must have felt at first.”

Here’s hoping the dancer who dropped Madonna didn’t get in too much trouble. According to “Dancing With the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba — who toured with Madonna as a backup dancer in her 20s — the “Borderline” singer is pretty intense with her employees.

“Back in the day she was very strict,” Inaba said last year during an appearance on Jennifer Hudson’s talk show. “She gave us this one rule — which I’m so grateful she did. It was, for every minute you’re late, you have to pay her $100 out of your paycheck.”

Uh, Material Girl, indeed.

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