Madonna Reveals New Album Title, 'Madame X,' And Part Of New Song

Madge gets down with a spy vibe in an intriguing teaser video.

Madonna has X-cellent news.

The pop superstar dropped an Instagram clip with a new song sample on Sunday and announced that her upcoming album will be called “Madame X.”

The seven-time Grammy winner’s video reveals several disguises of Madame X, “a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identity, fighting for freedom, and bringing light to dark places.”

“The thing that hurt the most, was that I wasn’t lost,” she sings from an upcoming track.

Madonna keeps the espionage vibe going throughout ― we see her as a blonde in a cowboy hat, a raven-haired woman wearing an eye patch and other mysterious characters.

“Madame X” will be the performer’s first studio album since 2015′s “Rebel Heart,” People noted.

Talk-show host Andy Cohen, actress Debi Mazar and other celebrities voiced their approval in the comments.

In another Insta, Madonna revealed that a collaboration with reggaeton star Maluma, titled “Medellin,” was coming out on Wednesday.

Madonna told WWD in October that the album would release in 2019. “Yep, in between rose mist spray and serums, I’m actually making music,” she said. “Can’t quit my day job.”

OK, we’re intrigued, Madge.

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