Madonna Spanks 'Unapologetic Bitch' Amy Schumer At Madison Square Garden Concert

There was a banana involved.

Multigenerational material girls converged in New York City on Wednesday. Toward the end of her two-hour set at Madison Square Garden, Madonna announced it was time to crown the "unapologetic bitch of the evening." Within seconds, Amy Schumer appeared onstage and bent over so Madonna could give her a faux-spanking.

Schumer is the Rebel Heart Tour's fourth unapologetic bitch, a reference to the rousing song from Madonna's latest album. During two gigs in Montreal, where the roadshow kicked off last week, Diplo was paraded out during the number, while a fan got the treatment at last weekend's Washington, D.C., stop. MSG roared at the sight of Schumer taking the stage for the second time, following the comedy set that opened the show. Her prize was a sock puppet and a banana, which Schumer pretended to insert into her butt, because why wouldn't she after several anal-sex jokes just a few hours earlier?

Perez Hilton was in the audience (as were Andy Cohen, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande), and he captured the moment from up close. 

@Madonna having a little fun with @amyschumer on stage at @MadisonSquareGarden! https://goo.gl/17DQq0

A video posted by perezhilton (@perezhilton) on

Schumer, who began her set with the exclamation, "I'm opening for motherf**king Madonna," clearly has a lot to be proud about today.

Ma fucking Donna

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Madonna performs at MSG again on Thursday, as well as Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Saturday. Let's see if Schumer retains her title at both shows, where she is also opening, and whether she finds additional uses for that banana. 


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