Madonna And Steven Klein's 'Secret Project' Gets A New Trailer, Still Secret As Ever

Madonna has released a new trailer for her "Secret Project" with fashion photographer Steven Klein.

The video shows a black-and-white scene of scantily clad men and women in a vintage style. While Madonna herself does not appear in the video until the last few frames, her voice can be heard over the course of the clip, speaking about the state of the world and a need for a revolution.

"Democracy doesn't seem to exist anymore," Madonna says in the video. "We live in a very scary time." Take a look at the latest trailer for Madonna's "Secret Project" above.

The 54-year-old singer first teased the collaboration with Steven Klein on Instagram months ago. The first trailer made its way online last month, with Madonna revealing very little on what the project actually is.

No word from Madonna as to when the "Secret Project" will make its full debut.

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