Madonna's Instructions to the Press Border on Insane


Most public figures don't appreciate being put under close scrutiny. Earlier this summer, Angelina Jolie made headlines after her handlers gave the media their fiat, declaring various subjects off-limits to questioners. But Madonna's recent request to the assembled media at Live Earth, in many ways, invited close-up scrutiny. In fact, she basically demanded it:

Before being ushered into the Queen of Pop's presence at Wembley on Saturday, interviewers were instructed by minions: Eye contact must be maintained at all times; Never look down to check notes - all questions must be memorised or the interview will be terminated.

The extraordinary edict was the backstage talking point at Live Earth. One American TV source told us: "It's intimidating enough interviewing Madonna, because she's so intense, but when we were given these weird orders it was even worse.

"We thought her people were just joking. But it soon became apparent that they were deadly serious."

Strangely, even when forced to continually gaze at Madonna's visage, not a single member of the press noted just how much Madge does not look like Rosanna Arquette!

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