5 Amazing Clubs in Madrid

There is no use in trying to convince travelers that they need to take advantage of Madrid's nightlife -- most people come to the city with visions of legendary late nights in mind.
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There is no use in trying to convince travelers that they need to take advantage of Madrid's nightlife -- most people come to the city with visions of legendary late nights in mind. We are here to say that the rumors are true; Madrid is one city that it seems cannot be over-hyped. In addition to beautiful people and charming streets, there are few other places on earth with as much nocturnal energy as Madrid. Whatever you do, don't miss your afternoon siesta and be sure to head out any time after midnight to check out these epic clubs.

Ocho y Medio


Those in search of a cave bar with an edgy attitude should check out Ocho y Medio, one of the more alternative, Goth and hipster-friendly bars in Madrid. Patrons will find the club after walking down a flight of stairs into the basement, where they can get belligerent on the dance floor or watch others do the same from the safety of one of the many wooden benches scattered throughout the venue. If club-goers need to take a breather, there is a small anteroom complete with couches upstairs.



There is no doubt that the ever-fashionable Pacha attracts one of Madrid's hottest crowds. Once you get past the selective bouncers, who are dressed to the nines in sleek black suits and full-fledged tuxedos, you'll discover a multi-level paradise flowing with champagne and hip-hop. Stylish guests can be found getting down to well-known DJs spinning house on a dance floor illuminated with disco balls and lasers.

Moma 56


Moma 56 is the place to be for young professionals and 20-somethings looking to get glamorous and let loose on the dance floor. The interior is the epitome of sleek nightlife and boasts modern steel walls and pillars as well as an authentic marble floor; but don't be deceived, although the place might have the feel of a "pinkies up" establishment, Moma 56 is known for its wild (and beautiful) patrons. This is the perfect venue to hit around 3 a.m. as a last stop on a late night out because the crowd is always animated and down for a good time, meaning you'll leave feeling exhausted and gratified.



Anyone in need of a night of dancing and rubbing elbows with Madrid's hottest socialites, models, actors and the occasional athlete should head straight to Vanila. This nightclub offers patrons the best of both worlds, with the option of dancing themselves silly on a jam-packed, L-shaped dance floor, or relaxing into plush velvet chairs set on a raised platform right in the middle of all the action. Energetic pink and blue lights add excitement to the chic patrons who have come to take part in the see and be seen festivities.



Kapital, one of the most popular clubs in Madrid, is a seven-level tower of pandemonium. The main floor attracts those who want to disappear into a fog machine on the venue's largest dance floor or grab a drink at one of the three bars. The second floor is for people who want to get their vocals on in the karaoke room while the various other floors all feature DJs playing different styles of music. The top two levels of the club are reserved as chilling out space; patrons can chat into the wee hours of the morning on the sixth floor or continue boozing at the bar on the seventh.

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