Gay Couple Stands Up To Neo-Nazi, Homophobic Mob With A Kiss

The Spaniards' smooch has since gone viral.

A pair of gay Spaniards stood up to a homophobic mob... with a kiss.

David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were strolling around the Plaza del Dos de Mayo in Madrid's Malasaña neighborhood on May 21, while on a date when they encountered Hogar Social Madrid, a right-wing, neo-Nazi group, staging an anti-refugee protest, BuzzFeed News reports.

Fernández and Eistert said they didn't plan on being involved in the protest in any way. Instead, they told BuzzFeed they were searching for a place to grab a drink when they were spotted by members of Hogar Social Madrid, who began shouting homophobic epithets like "maricón," a derogatory term for a gay man similar to "faggot," at them.

"So I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most," Fernández said of the passionate and "spontaneous" kiss.

Video footage and snapshots of said smooch have since gone viral on Twitter.

The above footage shows a police officer removing Fernández and Eistert from the square, although The Local suggested that the cop's actions were done in interest of the couple's safety.

Bravo for your bravery, guys!

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