Woman Sued Over T-Shirt That Says 'My Ex-Husband Is An A-Hole' (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Woman Sued Over 'A**hole' T-Shirt

Be careful what you post on Facebook. It may just cost you 1,000 euros and eight days of house arrest. At least it did for a Spanish woman in Madrid, Spain.

After the 40-year-old woman posted photos of herself wearing a T-shirt that said "My ex-husband is an asshole," on Facebook in 2010 she was taken to court by her ex, who filed suit for dignitary tort and won, The Register reported.

The Provincial Court ruled in favor of the ex-husband and found the phrase, "Mi exmarido es gilipollas" was an insult to his dignity. "Gilipollas", which roughly translates to "asshole", effectively damaged her ex-husband's reputation the court ruled.

"I started crying because I couldn't believe it. I don't understand how the complaint could have ended in court. It's only a T-shirt," she said of the judgment in The Register story.

The woman and her current partner apparently bought the T-shirt as a joke while on vacation.

Though the court initially ordered the woman to hand over 2,000 euros in damages, along with a 240 euro-fine, it reduced the amount on appeal to 1,000 euros and eight days of house arrest.

And to add insult to, well, insult, the man requested his ex-wife pay the damages in installments in order to supplement his 700 euros-a-month income.

Report is in Spanish:

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