Mae Whitman Talks 'Arrested Development,' Ann And Gob

Ann was constantly referred to with disbelief and disdain (see nickname No. 2 above), but to "Arrested Development" fans, Ann (bangs included) was a beloved part of the cult comedy, which is being revived for Netflix in 2013 with a feature film to follow.

Whitman chatted with HuffPost TV about some of her current projects, "Arrested Development" included, and said she wouldn't have missed the opportunity to revive Ann, a devout Christian and pastor's daughter. When we last saw her, in the Season 3 finale, Ann had moved in with her new boyfriend, George Michael's Uncle Gob (Will Arnett), despite the fact that he thought she was a "dude" earlier in the series.

So where is Ann now? See what Whitman had to say below!

Have you started shooting "Arrested Development" yet?
You know, I'm always confused about how much I can say, but what I do know is that -- Alia [Shawkat] is one of my best friends and Michaal [Cera] too so I definitely have seen some of the things that are going down with the show and it is amazing. It's so incredible and so smart and wonderful and just outrageously great. People are going to absolutely love it. Fans of the show will really love what they're doing with the new reboot of it and I definitely will say I could never let this opportunity go by without absolutely forcing myself to be a part of it. I would have done some crazy, crazy stuff if I thought for a second that I wasn't going to be able to be a part of it. I feel so lucky to be such a small part of this.

Even though you can't tell us too much, what do you think Ann's been up to since we last saw her?
One thing I loved is that they sort of had Ann with Gob. [Laughs.] I thought that was so funny ... Gob is such a ladies man and sort of actually getting in a serious relationship with Ann, which is so funny and so amazing. I would love to see where their relationship went and how that went down with George Michael. I would love to see more of what Ann and Gob's relationship dynamic is. I think that would be amazingly funny and strange. [Laughs.]

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"Arrested Development" Season 4 is expected to be released in Spring 2013.