New Documentary 'Maestro' Sheds Light On The Uncertain Future Of Classical Music

Can we divine the future of classical music? Amidst the falling popularity of orchestras and the financial instability of historic institutions, the documentary "Maestro" attempts to dig a little deeper into the changing world of classical music's uncertain fate.

To do so, a film crew spent two years following in the footsteps of the internationally renowned conductor, Paavo Järvi. The crew's cameras captured a rarely seen side of the classical music world, going behind the scenes of an art realm characterized by unbridled commitment and ever-expanding competition.

As Järvi traveled from one symphony hall to the next -- accompanied by an all star cast of soloists like Joshua Bell, Lang Lang, Hilary Hahn, and Pekka Kuusisto -- "Maestro" documents the nerves before a major performance, the adrenaline rush of conducting 100 concerts a year and the anxiety that lingers during the shutdowns and strikes that threaten Järvi's world.


"I don't know anything, actually, that can be quite as powerful as music," Järvi explains in the film. "Once you're lucky enough to fall in love with it, you're never alone, you never have one boring second in your life."

According to the Kickstarter campaign for "Maestro," the film was created with one goal in mind: "to connect the music we call classical with a broader audience." The team hopes to raise over $78,000 over the next month in order to bring the independent movie to a larger stage. The amount might sound like a lot, but compared to other films crowdsourced on platforms like Kickstarter (think "Veronica Mars" or "The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint"), it hardly compares.

"The funds raised through this campaign will be allocated directly towards the licensing/purchasing of music that is integral to the story," the campaign states. "Funding also will be devoted to a final surround mix and color correction."

The film team hopes to premiere "Maestro" in Philadelphia on January 10, 2015. In the meantime, check out an exclusive look at the film trailer above.



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