Former Mafia Associate Gives Lessons For Success In Legitimate Business (PHOTOS)

If you're climbing the corporate ladder and eager to succeed, you can glean some valuable lessons from mobsters who are employees of the longest running organization in history: the Mafia.

If we shed our prejudices, we'll find that accomplished mobsters are just like top business leaders.

The Mafia shares the same power structure as any corporation. A don is exactly like a CEO, steering the business (or family) into the future. His capos are middle-managers or department heads, and his soldiers are employees.

Whether corporate or Mafia, people who acquire diplomatic skills, leadership qualities, and the enthusiasm to motivate will master their respective fields.

In my new book, "Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman," I explain the better attributes of La Cosa Nostra so that Our Thing can become Your Thing.