Maggie Haberman Names The 1 Thing That Could Keep Trump's Case In Check

"He spins his own reality and will contradict whatever people say about him," Haberman said about Trump.

CNN analyst and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman argued Friday that cameras in the courtroom could play a “pretty vital” role for Americans in former President Donald Trump’s arraignment and trial.

Haberman’s comment comes as several media organizations — including The Associated Press, NBC News and The New York Times — have asked for cameras to be allowed in the courtroom following a Manhattan grand jury’s indictment of Trump on Thursday. An arraignment is set for Tuesday.

New York is one of two states, in addition to the District of Columbia, that “excluded cameras from the court entirely,” according to a 2022 report from New York nonpartisan group The Fund for Modern Courts.

Haberman told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that there’s a “compelling public interest argument” to make in regard to allowing cameras in the courtroom during Trump’s arraignment and trial.

“One of the things we saw over and over — both with Michael Cohen, in terms of Trump, and then other people in the White House — people have a habit of taping Donald Trump,” Haberman said.

“And they have a habit of taping Donald Trump because he spins his own reality and will contradict whatever people say about him. A camera would be pretty vital in terms of people understanding what happened and not being told that something is fake news.”

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