Doctor Pulls Hundreds Of Maggots From Patient's Ear (VIDEO)

WATCH: Doctor Pulls Live Maggots From Patient's Ear

No matter how bad your day might be, it can't be as bad as the young man who had to have hundreds of maggots removed from his ear -- with tweezers.

Last May, an unidentified patient approached Dr. Vikram Yadav -- a dermatologist based in Faizabad, India -- complaining of a buzzing in his ear.

Now the video is going viral after some British newspapers posted it on their websites.

Yadav discovered the man had aural myasis, a condition caused when a person's nose or ears are infested with fly larvae. Patients often notice a buzzing in their ears along with a smelly discharge in the area, the Daily Mail reports.

Yadav, who calls "the King of Blackheads" because of his many pimple-popping videos, said the maggots looked like a wiggling mass deep in the patient's ear.

The maggots were feeding off the patient's inner ear flesh and would have burrowed into the brain and killed him had Yadav not intervened. In the procedure, Yadav first suffocated the bugs so they fled to the entrance of the ear. Then he removed them one or two at a time with tweezers.

Aural myasis is common in tropical and subtropical areas, and has a fatality rate of eight percent, according to the Mirror.

Most patients are kids younger than 10 and very ill adults, which is why Yadav says the best treatment is a preventative one.

"If anybody sleeps, a child, an old person, and you see any houseflies there, put some cloth on their face so they don't enter into the orifices and lay their eggs," Yadav said, according to

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