Magic Johnson On Retirement: 'If I Knew What I Know Now, I Wouldn't Have Retired' (VIDEO)

Magic Johnson Reveals Major Regret

During a sit down with Bill Plashke of the Los Angeles Times, Magic Johnson opened up about his basketball career, and even expressed regret over retiring immediately after he learned that he had contracted the HIV virus.

"If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have retired," he said.

Johnson's sudden retirement announcement in the fall of 1991 remains one of the most shocking moments in sports history.

During the interview with Plashke, Johnson also expressed the betrayal he felt when some of his fellow players expressed an unwillingness to play against him.

"I had just played with these guys at the Olympics," Johnson said. "Then I get back home and said I'm coming back to the NBA and the same guys that I went to war with in the Olympics came out and said 'No, I think I'm going to get HIV.'"

Johnson played in the NBA for 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and was inducted into the Pro Basketball Hall Of Fame in 2002.


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