Magic Moments Releases Debut EP And Music Video

Jordan ONeill who goes by the moniker Magic Moments is a singer/songwriter and producer from Los Angeles who recently released his debut audio-visual EP, Phoenix. Each song on this four-track concept album will be accompanied by a music video in which a visual story will slowly unfurl.

The first video released is "Bury The Past" which depicts three characters adorned in festival makeup and attire, gallivanting through a verdant landscape. This video features a notable appearance from Lucent Dossier Experience's "wandering marionette," Jennifer Shields, a connection made and strengthened through his past work with Los Angeles-based event production collective, The Do Lab.

Magic Moments' musical style incorporates elements of indie-electronica and vocal synth-pop with the aim of creating an air of positivity. On November 10th, he hosted a live vocal electronic music showcase at King King in Hollywood, performing his entire EP live along with LA artists Hopscotch and Everyman. Phoenix was mastered by R/D and ill.Gates' Twin Peak Studios and reflects themes of exuberance, self-love, healing and inspiration.

Phoenix is just the beginning of Magic Moments' musical career. The EP is a beacon for optimism, bidding farewell to the past and celebrating the present. Through these four, heartfelt songs, ONeill will grow and evolve as he improves upon his craft, especially vocally. Discovering one's voice and signature sound is an important experience for all artists and Magic Moments is on his way.

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