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"Magic" Parrot Picks Locks And Escapes Owners

They named him "Magic," but they might as well have called him "Houdini."

A British family is frantically looking for their escaped pet parrot, after the crafty bird apparently picked the locks on his cage and literally flew the coop.

Magic was being transported to a temporary home while his owners, Roy and Grace Jarvis of Leigh-on-Sea, were away on vacation. The couple's daughter, Michelle Russell, told the BBC that when she opened the door to her car, Magic flew away.

The family's had the Senegal parrot for more than 20 years, raising him from when he was a chick. In that time, he's picked a few locks.

"Magic's escaped before, but he just flies around the room," Russell told the BBC.

Her husband told the Telegraph that the family is getting desperate.

"We were running up and down the street, calling him. We’ve left out food, I’ve put signs up like people do when their cats go missing but there were magpies around and it’s not looking good," Lester Russell, Michelle's husband, told the newspaper.

He said they'll try playing recordings of parrot calls in the area to see if Magic can find his way home.

Senegal parrots are popular pets, since they're relatively quiet birds and bond well.

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