Magic Restroom Cafe Becomes America's First Toilet-Themed Restaurant (PHOTOS)

CRAPPY IDEA: Inside America's Toilet-Themed Restaurant

Usually, it takes time for a new restaurant to end up in the toilet, but the Magic Restroom Cafe was already there before it opened.

The Magic Restroom Cafe in L.A.'s City of Industry is America's first toilet-themed eatery. All the dishes, seats and food items are all focused on toilets, bathrooms and human bodily functions.

Customers hoping for a crappy dining experience sit on stools topped with toilet seats and order appetizing menu items like "golden poop rice," "black poop" (actually a chocolate sundae), "smells-like-poop" (braised pork over rice)," and "bloody number two" (vanilla-strawberry sundae).

Those defecation-themed dishes are then served in miniature toilet bowls, according to Eater L.A., which recommends the Stinky Tofu as the most appropriate food choice.

MAGIC RESTROOM CAFE (Story continues below)

Magic Restroom Cafe

Magic Restroom Cafe

Owner YoYo Li is a first-time restaurateur from China who decided to open her commode-themed restaurant after noticing the popularity of the Modern Toilet restaurant chain in China and Taiwan, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Magic Restroom Cafe officially opened Oct. 11 and, so far, the decor is getting better reviews than the food.

It is averaging 3 stars on Yelp and most of the complaints are based on slow service (possibly from a backed-up kitchen) and cold food. The official grand opening is set for later in the month.

(h/t: Eater L.A.)

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