'Magic School Bus' Characters Go To College In Celeste Pille Drawings (PHOTOS)

Celeste Pille has a motto: "Nothing is doodle-proof."

It's a reference to a line that comes from a scene in the film "Yellow Submarine," in which John Lennon says "Nothing is Beatle-proof."

To prove her point, this 25-year-old Omaha, Neb.-native doodled what the crew from another yellow vehicle would look like today, with the collegiate version of the cast from "The Magic School Bus."

Pille posted her art on her Tumblr, CelesteDoodles, where she features similar drawings of the cast of "Star Trek," "Hey Arnold" and a few "Glee" characters. Her "Magic School Bus" drawings proved quite popular, with hundreds of reblogs.

Pille does this work on the side of her marketing day-job, where she does social media management and some graphic design. She's also doing some commissioned work.

The artwork "started as a homework assignment I gave myself to pretend for a moment these characters are real and grew up along with me," Pille told HuffPost in an email.

Considering the TV show was about students in grade school and quit airing in 1997, that would place the students either in college or as post-graduates today.

Check out the slideshow below to see what the cast of "The Magic School Bus" would look like as 20-somethings, with a couple guesses from Pille about what they are up to today:

'Magic School Bus' Characters In College, Created By Celeste Pille