Magical Evening in Milan


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Looking for the chance to spend a magical evening in Milan? Attending an opera at the famous La Scala theatre in the heart of Milan is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Italian culture. Using a recent performance of Rossini's opera Otello as our guide, here is an illustration of an evening at La Scala for both opera lovers and travelers not yet enchanted.

For a newcomer to opera, a performance at La Scala offers the chance to be swept away in the passion and pageantry of an Italian opera production. Even before the performance, you may find yourself gawping at the opulent scene as you absorb the amazing architecture, the fashionable attire of the other opera-goers, and a mix of lovely perfumes that combine to heighten the experience. The very construction of the opera house helps deliver a special feeling of privilege. The box seats that surround the orchestra pit offer a more intimate experience than sitting in the middle of a larger seating section, especially if you attend as a couple and can share a romantic moment as you take in the stunning birds-eye view of the stage.

Once the performance begins, consistently top-notch costumes and talented artists leave no doubt: you've come to one of the most prominent theatres in the world, especially for Italian opera. As companies struggle world-wide to present full productions, the La Scala presentation of the relatively obscure Otello by Rossini seemed to effortlessly deliver the classical elegance coupled with first-rate performances that opera lovers dream about.

Of course, even the most opulent production will not truly satisfy an opera-goer if it is lacking the key ingredient of passion. Fortunately, an Italian opera production in Italy delivers plenty of passion! La Scala's production of Otello, based on the original Shakespearean tragedy, spins the audience through counterpoints of trust and betrayal, the brooding and melancholy music of Rossini with its lovely duets, arias and choruses carrying the audience towards the heart-rending climax.

Luckily for you, you still have the rest of the night! Why not complete your evening with a late night dinner, Italian-style, at any one of the wonderful spots in downtown Milan? One place that is always hopping late night is the gorgeous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is within walking distance of La Scala; just follow the Italians!

Ready for a magical night in Milan? Follow this link for tickets, and enjoy the show:

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