Magnetic Makeup Boards Help Take Stress Out Of Morning Rush (PHOTOS)

What To Do When Your Bathroom Counter Looks Like This

Most women aren't fortunate enough to live in a home or apartment with a massive bathroom like these celebrities. Instead, our beauty products are sprawled across counter tops, floors and medicine cabinets in significantly smaller spaces. And that's not including what we've stuffed inside of countless makeup bags and Caboodles.

Digging through hoards of makeup just to find your eyelash curler isn't a great way to start the morning. But we've recently stumbled across a creative way on Pinterest to organize our makeup and help us get out the door quicker. Enter, magnetic makeup boards.

This space-saving DIY project is inexpensive and effective. To create your own magnetic makeup board, you'll need: a piece of metal, decorative wallpaper or fabric, a frame, hot glue gun and glue, small magnets and cups or small containers.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut the metal piece according to the size of frame. You can also use a metal cookie sheet or tray.
  2. Cover metal with a piece of wallpaper or fabric using a hot glue gun.
  3. Insert metal sheet into frame and secure. (Place a piece of cardboard behind metal to achieve a tighter fit.)
  4. Attach magnets to the backs of flat-surface products like eyeshadow, blush and bronzer. Then affix to cups and containers to easily store tubes of lipstick and mascara, as well as brushes.
  5. Arrange makeup products on board and hang on wall.

How do you reduce the cosmetics clutter in your space? Tell us in the comments section.

Get inspired by these magnetic makeup boards:

Magnetic Makeup Boards

Magnetic Makeup Boards

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