'Magneto Shoes' Let Colin Furze Walk On The Ceiling Just Like The 'X-Men' Villain

MUAHAHAHA! These Shoes Will Turn You Into An 'X-Men' Super Villian

"X-Men" villain Magneto has all kinds of awesome powers, like the ability to control metal and magnetic fields with his mind. He's also really good at chess.

So, of all the things he can do, walking on a metal ceiling is probably the least exciting -- but plumber/inventor/all-around-madman Colin Furze makes it seem like the coolest power in the world.

"I can't move metal with my mind, but I could stick to it," Furze says in the above video. "So I've made magnet shoes!"

Now he can walk on a metal ceiling. And as the video shows, he's really... really... really excited about the whole thing.

He's so excited, maybe walking on a metal ceiling is a pretty cool power after all.

Furze, 34, is known for his crazy inventions as well as a Guinness World Record for "fastest mobility scooter," a five-gear vehicle with a motorbike engine that hit a top speed of 71.59 mph.

Earlier this week, Furze had another viral video sensation with his invention of "fully automatic" Wolverine claws.

You can see that clip below.

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