Magnum Launches 'Be True To Your Pleasure' Campaign Featuring Gender-Nonconforming Individuals

Magnum Wants You To 'Be True To Your Pleasure' -- No Matter What Your Gender

Ice cream is for everybody -- no matter what your gender.

Ice cream manufacturer Magnum launched a new ad campaign this month that encourages viewers to "Be True To Your Pleasure." Featuring "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Willam and the stories of three gender-conforming individuals, the "Be True To Your Pleasure" campaign -- while about ice cream -- is also heavily about human diversity and self-actualization.

The campaign features four videos -- the main ad campaign (above) and three separate videos where James, Blake and Gregory -- three people who identify themselves as gender-nonconforming -- talk about their gender identity.

"I've always wanted to be somewhere in the middle," James explains in the below video. "I've always wanted to have both energies -- masculine and feminine. So I thought, I shouldn't just have one. I didn't like the world as it was so I created my own."

Check out more from James' ad campaign below or head here to see the videos featuring Gregory or Blake.

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