Holy Crap! British Artist Magnus Irvin Will Cast Your Anus In Bronze (NSFW)

A British artist who makes chocolate candies in the shape of human anuses is making a new impression on the world of butthole art.

Since 2006, Magnus Irvin has been selling anus-shaped candies at the aptly-named

Recently, Irvin got behind a new project: Casting personalized bronze anuses for $1,900 a pop.

“Having made chocolate anuses now for a fair while, we've moved into the more permanent anuses made of casting metal or glass," he told Riot TV. “These are available to anyone who wants their own anus cast, or a copy of someone else's anus."

The video below includes graphic images of Irvin at work. It bears mentioning once again: Some people will find this disturbing. Once you see this you can't un-see it.

WATCH: Magnus Irvin In Action (Warning: NSFW)

The process of having a butt bronzed can be a real pain in the rear, according to blogger Alexi Duggins, who had his posterior immortalized for posterity for a Time Out London article.

Duggins said Irvin made him grease the area being bronzed before lying down on his back with his knees curled toward his face. Irvin then poured a gel into some intimate areas.

A few minutes later, Irvin had a cast of Duggins' derriere that he described as looking a little like a scallop. That piece was sent to a foundry to be cast into a bronze "arthole."

So far, Irvin has only made a few bronze bottoms, including one of his own tush.



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