'The Fosters' Star Maia Mitchell Has Something To Say About All Those White Emoji

When it comes to emoji diversity, Maia Mitchell is giving Apple a big ol' thumbs-down.

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, the “Teen Beach Movie” actress shared her feelings about the lack of variety on the emoji keyboard. First, she points out that only a few countries are represented with their flags. Noticeably missing is a flag from Australia where Maia grew up.

“What do they have against Australians?” she asked jokingly.

Later, Maia, who also stars in "The Fosters," gets real about the obvious disproportion of emoji characters.

“There’s also a lot of white people emojis,” she said. “Have you noticed the imbalance?”

No need to worry, though. Maia also brought along a screenshot of the racially diverse emojis -– all two of them.

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