Maia Shibutani Of Olympic Skating Pair 'Shib Sibs' Has Kidney Tumor Removed

The double bronze medalist ice dancer said her "fingers are crossed" after surgery.

Maia Shibutani, of the “Shib Sibs” U.S. ice dancing pair that wowed fans at the Winter Olympics in 2018, announced Monday that she had a tumor removed from her kidney.

In an Instagram (see it below) that showed her resting in the hospital, she called the procedure successful and said she was able to keep the rest of her kidney.

“My doctor said there is a 60/40 chance that the tumor was malignant versus benign (we will know soon), but I am young, healthy, and feel fortunate that this was detected so early,” she wrote, adding that, although she was scared, she was trying to stay positive and that her “fingers are crossed.”

Shibutani and her brother Alex won a bronze medal in the ice dancing competition and a bronze in the figure skating team event in South Korea.

The two-time U.S. champion wrote that doctors found an abnormality during an October visit to an emergency room in New York, and an MRI in Los Angeles concluded she had a mass on one of her kidneys.