Jason Jones, Postal Worker In Ohio, Saves 91-Year-Old Man's Life After Noticing Suspicious Clues

When Jason Jones saw that one of his typically friendly customers hadn’t picked up his mail in days and left no footprints on his snow-laden stoop, the postal worker started to worry.

“I started noticing that something must be wrong,” the perceptive mail carrier told WEWS.

He called the police to check in on Jack Clair, and once again the following day when he noticed the scene of the home remained unchanged, according the WEWS. Once the officers finally arrived, they found the 91-year-old Cleveland resident lying on the floor unconscious, malnourished and dehydrated.

He’s now recovering at a rehabilitation facility, WEWS reports.

Jones is just one of a number of keen-eyed postal workers who has saved a life because he didn’t wave off suspicious clues.

When one of Kathy Stratton’s customers in Illinois didn’t answer the door after she noticed that he had left his newspaper on his doorstep and his mail untouched in August, she knew something was off, FOX 2 reports.

She called the police who also found Stratton on the floor of his home in a compromised state. Stratton’s customer’s kidneys were failing after he had suffered a stroke two days prior. He was whisked off to the hospital in time and was expected to make a full recovery.

“I was relieved” Stratton told FOX 2. “Very happy. I just prayed about it, and a miracle happened. So that made me feel good.”



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