The Main Street Electrical Parade Is Leaving Disney World Forever

This iconic parade has been around since the '70s.

We’re a little unhappy about this change to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disney World is saying goodbye to its iconic Main Street Electrical Parade this fall, nearly four decades after its first run at the park.

The dazzling light show will make its final crawl up Disney World’s Main Street on October 9, after which it will have a “limited-time encore engagement” at Disneyland in California, according to Disney Parks Blog. After that, the parade will be gone for good.

We haven’t been this sad since, well, once upon a time. Even the press release sounds sad.

“Since making its Florida premiere in 1977, the parade has become one of the most beloved entertainment spectacles anywhere. Watching the Main Street Electrical Parade has become a rite of passage with parents and grandparents eager to share the nostalgic experience with their children,” it reads in part. “Families will have one more chance to see the parade and share this special memory.”

When it premiered in the 1970s, the Main Street Electrical Parade was a wonder of technology. The parade’s massive floats, themed around Disney movies and characters, glow with the help of approximately half a million LED lights. The parade has performed on and off at Disney World since the 1970s, USA Today reports, with its most recent run beginning in 2010.

You can still catch the parade if you’re visiting Disney World before October 9; just note that it won’t run during the park’s Halloween festivities. The parade’s limited-time encore at Disneyland in California will start in early 2017, though it’s not clear how long it’ll last.

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