Stowaway Cat Finds Fame After Secretly Joining Her Family's Road Trip

Delilah the cat traveled from Maine to Wisconsin and back after sneaking into her family's camper trailer.

Delilah’s family tried to go on holiday without her, and there’s just no way she was going to let that fly.

Andrea Scholten of St. Albans, Maine, and her family packed up their pop-up camper late last month and set off on a road trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for an airshow event.

Little did they know their cat, Delilah, had invited herself along for the ride.

After driving about 900 miles from home to Toledo, Ohio, the family discovered the stowaway in the camper.

“I open the door and there’s Delilah,” Scholten told WCSH-TV in Portland. “I just screamed ‘Delilah!’ and my husband and the kids were like ‘Delilah!’ So we went to Target, we bought her food, litter, a collar that we could write her name on because we were completely unprepared for this.”

Scholten suspected Delilah had sneaked into the camper when they were packing it that morning.

“The plan so far is to see how she does as a camper cat. If she doesn’t do well, we’ll have to find a kennel,” she wrote in a Facebook post at the time.

As it turned out, Delilah was well-suited to both camping and fame.

Scholten’s Facebook posts about Delilah attracted lots of attention, especially after arriving at their destination for the EAA AirVenture 2022 event.

Delilah quickly became an Oshkosh sensation, making multiple local news headlines and getting traction under her own hashtag, #stowawayoshkoshcat.

Her family said she loved watching the planes fly overhead and at one point a cat was featured in skywriting in her honor.

On the journey home, Delilah got to have one last adventure, joining her family for a bit of sightseeing at Niagara Falls.

Next year, Delilah won’t need to invite herself along. The Scholtens have already decided to bring her on their next road trip to Oshkosh, according to WCSH.

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