Maintaining the Artist Within

Don't lose sight of that which you love. More importantly, don't let life take you out of tune to your source of creativity. An artist's mind never rests, for everything they see, experience and taste pours over into their vision. These experiences fill their palette until it provides the resources needed to create that next thing.

Whether you are a painter, writer, architect, chef, dancer, musician or actor the fuel for creativity and passion comes from every interaction you have in life. As an artist of one of these named areas or the many unlisted here, you have hunger for inspiration that is never truly satiated as you always want to create more, do more, experience more. We are the deep thinkers who find ourselves awake in the quiet hours of the night reflecting on ourselves, broadening our minds, stretching ourselves to unravel the complexities of the world. Without this constant focus to know oneself and digest one's experiences, the artist cannot put forth their newest vision, creation or platform of self-expression.

We must not let life get in the way of our gift to create -- we must maintain the artist within. If an artist is not creating, they are in the gap. The gap in which holds them back from source and leads them to being unsatisfied with life simply from the block of creation. The gap of wanting more, feeling less. Truly the gap is defined as being disconnected from that source which fuels all visions and passion to let creativity flow.


If you are feeling out of connection with your source of creativity take the time to get quiet and reflect. Where is your energy going? Are you distracted by stressful thoughts or anxious about the future? Are you people pleasing more than you should? Are you not fully committed to your spiritual and physical wellbeing? Really, are you putting yourself last?

I know for me, I have found myself frustrated with being in a non-creative state and upon reflection could drop myself into several of those categories above. As a creative mind, it is truly draining to not be in sync with my artistic flow.

From experience, here are some ways I have found to bring yourself pack to the zone in which you thrive.

1. Connect back to self. The best way to do this is through meditation. If you are challenged by this practice (that means you need it more!) take a walk outside with no headphones on. Lay in the grass and get lost in the movement of the clouds. Run a hot bath and turn down the lights. There are so many ways to create a quiet space and as thoughts enter your mind visually deflect them away.

2. Sleep more. Look at your sleeping patterns and be sure that you are honoring your mind & body by getting extra sleep. Dissolve the assumption that sleeping less leads to more productivity. It's just not true. There is so much more quality to anything you want to accomplish when you are at your best.

3. Stop thinking about it and just create. Often a writer's block or a painter's lack of vision is really just exasperated by the overthinking of it. Stop trying to create a masterpiece and simply keep a well-oiled machine. Keep it moving. Create, create, create.

4. Tune into the details of life around you. Truly notice all the nuances that are in constant motion as you go about your day. Draw from the colors, the smells, architecture, nature and the way people interact. Download the details and draw on this to create. Don't be distracted by your phone, live in the moment, breathe in the air at a deeper level, feel the ground beneath you every step of the way.

Maintaining ourselves is truly how we maintain the artist within. Don't let distractions get in the way, don't let your mind get into the vortex of overthinking. Don't let a setback affect your perspective. Always flip a perceived setback as an incredible opportunity to learn. Be in a constant state of growth, a constant state of stretching and use every single ounce of each experience to fuel you.