In Maisie Williams' New Commercial, All Beauty Ads Must Die

Bye, black spots.

Let’s face “a stark reality” ― beauty ads stink.

It’s all celebrities looking amazing, talking about how hard they have it, and, apparently, like, randomly exploding? What the heck is going on here, Katy Perry?

Is she going to be OK?

Anyway, Arya Stark is here to set things straight.

In her new commercial for Three, a U.K. mobile service provider, Maisie Williams mocks beauty ad stereotypes as she laments her struggles with “black spots” ― a term used for areas with little or no mobile signal. Black spots are apparently the reason for all Williams’ problems.

“There are times when I felt like the loneliest person alive,” she says, staring deeply into the eyes of a pet turtle.

According to voiceover narration: “Once she had no friends and no stylist. By age 11, she still didn’t have a job.”


Don’t worry, though. Everything has changed thanks to Three mobile’s apparently awesome, black-spot-free coverage. Maisie Williams has taken back her social life and self-confidence, and now beauty ads may never be the same.

OK, actually they will. But seriously. Is Katy Perry all right?



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