Maisie Williams Is Excited For Fans To See Same-Sex Love Story In ‘New Mutants’

“I think at the heart of it is just this really lovely love story,” the actor said during virtual Comic-Con.

Delayed since 2018, maybe “Not-So-New Mutants” is a better name for this movie. Still, when “New Mutants” does come out (supposedly, this August) it will bring to life something you won’t see in many other superhero films: a same-sex love story.

Though “New Mutants” is billed as a horror-thriller, the love story between superheroes Rahne Sinclair and Danielle Moonstar, played by Maisie Williams and Blu Hunt, respectively, is said to be the heart of the film. During the “New Mutants” panel from Comic-Con@Home on Thursday, Williams opened up about it.

“It was really wonderful to be able to see a relationship look like this,” the actor said. “In the typically quite masculine world of superheroes, it was just lovely to see these two fragile women who just protect one another and bring light out in each other, but I’m glad that the fans are so excited for it because I think it’s really important to see relationships like this.”

Blu Hunt and Maisie Williams in "New Mutants."
Blu Hunt and Maisie Williams in "New Mutants."
Comic-Con International, Twentieth Century Studios and Marvel Entertainment’s "The New Mutants"

Director Josh Boone added that he doesn’t think the movie could’ve been made without finding Hunt to play Moonstar, later calling the characters’ relationship the “spine” of the movie.

The onscreen chemistry between Hunt and Williams’ characters was apparently so important that the two had to kiss in a screen test together, which Hunt said was a bit intimidating.

“You can’t imagine how nervous I am. Like, oh, I have to go kiss Maisie Williams?” Hunt joked, adding, “It was very nerve-racking.”

“I think at the heart of it is just this really lovely love story,” Williams said. “It just brings it back to reality, I think.”

The director explained the characters have a telepathic connection in the film, as they do in the comics that inspired the movie, and their relationship evolves from there.

“We just wanted to have them be characters that you fell in love with as they fell in love,” Boone added.

Arya ready for Williams’ new role? Watch the panel discussion and the newly released beginning of the film below.

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