Major Garrett Leaving Fox News For National Journal

Fox News' Chief White House Correspondent is leaving the network — and TV entirely.

Fox News announced Wednesday that Major Garrett, who covers the Obama White House for the network, will "return to his roots in print journalism" effective September 3.

Garrett will join the National Journal as a congressional correspondent, the New York Times reports.

Wendell Goler and Mike Emanuel will share the White House beat.

"Throughout my television career, I've known with certainty I would someday return to my roots in print journalism," Garrett said in the announcement. "That day has come. I will soon announce an exciting new phase of my career -- one made possible in no small part by FOX News' consistent support. It would take a lot - something near perfection - to lure me away from the best job I've ever had. Details to come."

"Major Garrett is the embodiment of the new team we're building here at National Journal," National Journal Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier said in a separate announcement. "He is known across Washington as one of the hardest-working journalists in the business, a fierce competitor on his beat, and a good and decent man. It is a rare combination, and one we're incredibly lucky to be bringing into our newsroom."

Fox News recently moved up to the front row in the White House Briefing Room, a decision that was facilitated in part by Garrett's evenhanded reporting on the administration.

The minutes of the White House Correspondents Association meeting at which Fox News was awarded the seat indicate that Fox News' "contributions to the television pool, the excellent team fielded to the beat and longstanding presence at the White House was discussed favorably."

"We think Major Garrett is a legitimate reporter," former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said in the midst of the administration's battle against the network.

"There are reporters and then there are truly tenacious reporters who come along every so often," Fox News Senior Vice President Michael Clemente said. "Major Garrett is a fact-finding machine, and wherever he goes he will continue to serve an audience that is thirsting for genuine reporting and balance. We wish him the best as he turns this page."

Before joining Fox News in 2002, Garrett worked at CNN and spent seven years at the Washington Times.