Major Harris Dead: Delfonics Singer Dies At 65

Former Delfonics singer Major Harris died on Friday (Nov. 9) in Richmond. He was 65 years old.

The R&B, soul singer left the Delfonics in 1974 to go solo and record his hit 1975 song "Love Won't Let Me Wait." Before making a name for himself with the Delfonics in the early '70s, Harris was a member of several groups including The Teenagers and Nat Turner's Rebellion.

Harris' sister, Catherine Thomas, told the Associated Press that her brother passed away due to congestive heart and lung failure. The singer was pronounced dead at a Richmond hospital.

"He always appeared to be older, which gave him a lot of ins to a lot of older places," Thomas said of her brother's knack for sneaking into clubs to listen to music while he was still a teenager.

Harris' last performance was in 2011 with several other members of the Delfonics.

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